Thursday, March 14, 2013

We Need Lots of Stuff

We need a lot of things, but just about everything we have we could do without!

I find as I grow older I'm less attached to some things that I used to think were so important. I've always recognized how important my husband is to me, and how important my children are to me, and how important my parents, brothers, sisters, extended family and friends are to me, but that is a separate issue. I used to be very attached to photos, items that belonged to ancestors, gadgets that make life easier, pretty dishes, you get the picture. I have gradually come to realize that I don't really need any of those things, I just like them for a variety of reasons, and if some day I wake up and they're all gone, I'll be okay with that. There are memories associated with photos and antiques, but the memories remain even if those physical items go away. It's nice to be able to juice fruits and vegetables to make them easier to consume and to gain the benefit of the liquid concentrate, but if I didn't juice them, I'd just eat them! I like a nice comfortable home decorated with my own version of beauty, but I also know the most important things, if I'm all alone in the middle of a vast expanse, would be food, water, warmth/shade and a place to lay my head. Of each of those things in my daily life, I am very much appreciative. I'm not going to change my life overnight and give all my things away, but I'm starting to give some of them away, and I know they will be appreciated by the receivers for the same reasons I acquired them in the first place. So life continues.

I don't need this drink, I could drink water, but this is more fun! Rather than soda, fill a glass full of ice almost to the top with sparkling mineral water, then add an unsweetened juice like grapefruit or tart cherry....very refreshing!

 I don't need furniture or a sock basket, but it makes life more comfortable for the pets, and the cats wouldn't have any knitting to pull apart if the sock basket were empty! So, I will keep enjoying the things that have come into my life, keeping in mind the most important things in life are not things.
There is something each of us appreciates today that we couldn't live without tomorrow, if you'd like to share yours, please do!

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  1. Aw, that Holly is such a goober. Can't wait to see all the babies.

    This is all very, very true, and you wrote it so articulately. Not only do we not NEED stuff, but the clutter can also translate into psychological clutter. I try to keep our stuff to a minimum, but even at that, I always want things to look even more streamlined.