Sunday, March 3, 2013

Valentines and Heartstrings

The reason for the Great Train Trip West was to see T&C. We departed on Valentine's Day, and the best Valentines were at our destination. What a wonderful time we had. It was so good to see our kids in their cozy new home and to experience their interpretation of domesticity, very well done : )

Claude was elusive, so I didn't capture him on camera, but I did capture shots of some fantastic meals, all vegetarian and all super delicious!

 Neep and Tattie Scones
 Veggie loaf with neeps and tatties, accompanied by brussels sprouts
 Linguinie with broccoli and avacado in white wine garlic sauce
 Bisquits with raw spun honey
 Curried cauliflower and lentils with naan
Vegetarian chili

The cook and her Mr. who baked the bisquits can be found here:
Wonderful recipes, knits, and other fun stuff


  1. Hi!! I am a member of Tess's blog so I thought I would stop over here and say hi :)

    Looks like the visit was wonderful!!

  2. It truly was, absolutely love them to pieces!! Thanks for stopping by : ) Shall visit you too.