Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hoppy Easter

As Easter nears, we are preparing for family arrivals starting on Thursday, as well as starting preparations for the big traditional meal we will all be eating on Sunday. To enhance those festivities, we now have a little hoppy thing around the house. Thursnight, JS and I came home to find our pup limping, and screaming if we tried to touch the leg she was favoring. JS said it looked broken, so we called the vet and away we went. We still don't know what happened, and the cats aren't talking, so we can only guess. We think either Holly the dog got caught in her blanket or was twirling (yes, she twirls) around the gate to the room and trapped her foot. The vet said this is a fairly common break (where the toes meet the main foot) when they get trapped, panic, and pull quickly. Hopalong Holly stayed overnight at the hospital awaiting tests and x-rays, and late the next day the vet told us he splinted the broken foot and we could come get her, HOWEVER, she will need surgery this coming Wednesday to have pins and a plate put in so the foot can heal properly. Doctor Zacchio and his staff were, as usual, so kind and caring, and they always take such good care of our pets, that we felt very relieved to leave her in their good and competent hands. HollyHop is 13 years old, but she could live to be 20+ if the lives of our previous canines are any indication, so we feel the fix is necessary. We've considered renaming her Pegleg Polly, but we figure she's been through enough trauma for the time being. I can be funny now, but it was absolutely devastating to find her and to have to get her to the hospital while she was still in pain. There is a sign at the vet's office that says "Try to be the person your dog thinks you are"....great food for thought, and something worth working on. The road to recovery is not over for our little Thumper (the sound her splint makes as she's walking around the kitchen floor), but she hasn't slowed down much even with the sedative she's required to take, so I think she'll bounce back quickly and completely. We appreciate everyone sending healing thoughts to her : )