Sunday, January 26, 2014

Etymology of Twist (or) A Twisted Tale (or) A Tale with a Twist

JS and I were on our way back from the gym and saw these incredible vines twisted around the trunk of a tree. It's not a very good excuse for the nonsense that follows, but I don't care.

Twist - What a funny twisted word. Fibers twisted together into a wick or a rope. Trunk of a twisted tree. Twisted vines around the trunk of a twisted tree. Let's do the twist, like we did last summer, or are you too twisted? Don't you twist me? It's not like we're entering in to a twist from which we'll not be able to become unentwenched, or unentree-nched.

Here I am, spirit and matter, all twisted up together in a rope of experiences that enables me to create twisted tales, making sense only to twisted minds. I'll  take my experiences with a twist of lemon!

So as not to get anyone's knickers in a twist, I don't think this tale should become any more twisted.

I twist you enjoyed this twisted tale, perhaps next I'll write tales of tails.