Thursday, May 9, 2013

Vinegar Tonic

I came across an amazing web site and found a recipe for vinegar tonic. The recipe for the tonic includes herbs that assist in ten major healing processes (said processes are detailed very nicely in an eleven page pdf from link below). There are also other recipes and there is a lot of great information about exercise, body balancing, and healing. You will see a diverse compendium of related topics at this site by clicking here.

About a month and a half ago I made vinegar tonic, and I have been consuming it twice a day for about a month now (it takes two weeks to steep). The tonic has helped a sinus problem I've had for about a year, and I believe it is assisting in the weight loss I'm experiencing. I say assisted, because I am participating in other healthy activities as well, like walking and eating healthy meals/snacks. The vinegar tonic is not quite as hard to take as regular cider vinegar, but it still throws a pretty hefty punch! It can also be consumed by adding it to a glass of water if you're not inclined toward the quick, throw back, get it over with approach : )

The actual making of the vinegar tonic is also healing. Peeling, cutting, chopping, and combining the herbs/roots is a meditative endeavor, and the smell of the concoction as it's steeping in the vinegar for two weeks is very much like fresh refrigerator pickles.

Many thanks to Robin Grant for sharing this wonderful information on her web site, indicative of a truly generous, caring person.


  1. I have never been a fan of vinegar so I don't know if I could do this :) but maybe I should for the health benefits.

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