Sunday, May 5, 2013

Son at Play, Sun at Play

Son at Play

Here are a couple of photos of what JD does in his spare time, or he did when he had more time, he is currently getting ready to graduate from college, and in doing so, will attend field camp for six weeks, in some mountain and desert areas, as his final course of work. We are very proud of all our kids, they are each very innovative, creative, intelligent, wonderful people to be around. I won't say JD is our baby, because he's not a baby anymore, but he is our youngest, and as he gets ready to venture further out, the reality that we're sending our third really great person out in to the world is sinking in.

 This knife was fashioned by JD from a railroad spike using home made forge made by, you guessed it....JD!
I HATE stink bugs, something I'm working on, as I know it's irrational, I know they can't REALLY fly in to my ear, I know they won't REALLY put their mouth on me, still....
JD made this handy dandy stink bug vacuum, with a trigger to press that causes the bug to be sucked up into a little container (on top), that has a screw top lid that allows the bug to be humanely captured and let go. Notice the very long wand, which makes it convenient to get the bugs at long range!

 Some mapping tools JD made to take to field camp

Sun at Play

The sun has such fun. How do I know? Just view the evidence for yourself : )

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