Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dandelion Tea

Don't poison your dandelions....eat them!!!! They're so good for you! Not only are they some of the first little sunshiny faces to pop out of the earth after winter, the consumption of the fresh greens or dried greens and roots steeped into a tea are fantastic support for your liver function.

There is nothing like a handful of dandelions from little hands attached to little bodies that have been wandering through the grass looking for those treasured blossoms, to be picked and brought to an appreciative recipient. And who hasn't made a wish on a headful of dandelion seeds, then blown them to the wind to be carried to the ears of the listening universe? Why do we need dandelion free lawns? Who told us dandelions are something we should kill? Why do we listen to that lie? The dandelion free lawns I see, or lawns free of weeds in general, are empty of people as well. It's good for us to remember Earth is full of gifts, and if we accept them, we're healthier, happier, and wiser.

To learn more about dandelions and what you can do with them, click here. ROAR!!!!



  1. I like Dandelion tea but I like Dandelion wine much better!

    1. I've not yet tried that...will have to do! Thanks for stopping by : )