Sunday, November 9, 2014

Weekend of Orthodoxy

JS and I spent this past Saturday and Sunday enjoying the foods and views of a couple of church communities in the city of Allentown.


The pork and kraut supper offered at St. Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox Church was excellent, including all those lovely home made desserts! An extra special treat for me was seeing the beautiful pysanky created by hands much more talented than mine. I forgot to take my camera, so had to take some photos of the inside of the church with my phone. What a lovely community of people, fabulous food, and beautiful iconic artwork. If you want to know more about the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in America, click here, and please enjoy the photos. Sunday photos follow Saturday photos.


On Sunday we journeyed to the very same neighborhood in Allentown to visit St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church. If you read my blog about restaurant Damascus, you know we love Middle Eastern food. The annual bazaar held by St. George's parish offered fantastic fare. We indulged in malfoof (cabbage rolls), tabouli salad, shawarma, and stuffed grape leaves, went to look at the church, camera in hand, and left with a box full of lovely desserts and some lunch for JD, who stayed home to nurse a respiratory condition. If you'd like to read about St. George Orthodox Church, click here, and do enjoy the photos! (I really do wish I could give you some of that wonderful food here to taste, you'll just have to visit these welcoming folks next year!)

So.....can you tell which church is which by looking at their different interiors?


  1. The first one is St. George's and the second is St. Mary's...right?!

    So nice to see a post from you. Love you!!!

    1. Yes!!!! Trying to make more time for it again :)

  2. Lovely shots!! So glad to see you back blogging :)