Friday, April 12, 2013

Unusual Spectator "Sports"

My favorite spectator "sport" could almost be bird watching, but there is nothing quite like watching an elementary school orchestra or band, and at that point in the development of their musical genius, watching is a lot more fun than listening, unless, of course, you are acquainted with a child prodigy : )

What impresses me even more than watching the children, is watching their conductor/teacher. What patience, what humor, what mix of qualities in a person that enables them to stand at the front of a group of budding musical artists and make them feel like they're the best musicians in the world. And then you know what? They eventually become talented grown up musicians, because somebody told them they were, before they were. Our kids had the benefit of experiencing these types of teachers in the schools they attended. Thinking back to those years brings back memories of Ms. Jillcot (thank you, T!) and Mr. Pettinelli. Ms. Jillcot started with 6th graders and took them through to the 8th grade; the transformation of those students in three years was absolutely amazing. Mr. Pettinelli taught 4th through 6th, and you'd have thought he was Leonard Bernstein the way he turned the pages of his score and kept time with his baton, regardless of whether or not his students were following the score in exactly the same place or keeping the same time!!!! And they both BEAMED when they turned to the audience to give credit to their players. Hats off to our educators who instill the love for learning in our kids. Hats off to parents who still appreciate watching their children come together in a cooperative environment as a group of players, and who know it's just as important to cooperate as it is to compete when they are at that tender age.

Gemeinhardt 3SB Conservatory Model Flute, B FootjointNew E.F. Durand Nickel Bb Trumpet TR-610

Another favorite "sport" of mine is backgammon. I like watching other people play, but I'd much rather be one of the players. I don't even need a beautiful board upon which to play, just a willing backgammon partner! Even view one of the most exquisite backgammon boards in the here.

Hope you enjoy the post, and hope you enjoy unusual spectator "sports" on a regular basis!


  1. I do love watching a school orchestra. I went to a school orchestra a couple years back to see a friend's son play and it was very interesting. They were so talented!

  2. Of course I have heard you say this before, but it's lovely to read it here so eloquently said. Love you!