Saturday, April 6, 2013

TurboTax 2012

And I think it's gonna be all right.
Yeah, the worst is over now,
The morning sun is shining like a Red Rubber Ball.

-Simon and Woodley

This is EXACTLY how I feel now that the taxes are done!
Doing the happy dance.
So glad this red ball decided to go wandering one day at winter's end to go along with this happy posting : )
It also helped that I was treated to a lunch of hot turkey soup, whole grain bread, and salad, all made by JS.
Still doing the happy dance.
If I ever forget my mobile phone at home or at the office, I feel a bit handicapped and uncomfortable. I have come to feel the same way about TurboTax. I USED to live without it...but I am ever so dependent on it now, it just makes life a lot easier.
Happy dance.
Could I live without these modern conveniences? Sure...but as long as they're included in my life, I'm going to appreciate them!!
HD, HD, HD, HD, and a big thank you to brain power united.


  1. I am always SO relieved when taxes are done. I think I need to finally try Turbo Tax.

  2. I can attest to the fact that it's worth every penny : )

  3. I can't believe you guys are even doing your own taxes! We have vowed that as soon as we have real incomes, someone else will be doing it for us. Let us know if you want to be that person. ;-)